The day of Easter it is a festivity that brings together friends and family around the table to share traditional dishes, each with its own meaning: eggs, a symbol of rebirth, the lamb, a symbol of sacrifice, the dove, a symbol of peace… in this selection we propose some delicious reinterpretations of the most typical dishes for a Easter lunch full of elegance and originality! The stuffed eggs with fragrant bread, for example, are an aromatic variant of the classic hard-boiled eggs which are a must for Easter appetizers. Or the rack of lamb on cream of peas, which will conquer everyone with its bright colors and spectacular plating! Or again the dove parfaita greedy and creative way to enjoy the Easter cake par excellence.

Furthermore, for your gourmet Easter, we have also chosen other recipes that you can prepare as an alternative to the great classics. If you opt for a fish lunch, for example, you can start with some nice ones savory macarons with salmon and dill that prepare the palate for a creative lasagna with rocket pesto and octopus sauceand then continue with a simple but refined cod with asparagus.

Are you looking for ideas for a vegetarian menu? The courgette caviar with gorgonzola cream served in shot glasses, it’s the perfect finger food to start with! And as a second course as an alternative to kid? Beautiful ones nests of agretti with a soft fried egg in the centre, which at the first touch of a fork will reveal all its melting goodness…

To conclude, all you have to do is choose between a family-sized dessert like the Easter meringue with strawberries and chocolate or a single-serving dessert like i cake pastries, also ideal for personalisation. Then you can’t miss thehomemade chocolate egg… in a gourmet versionObviously!


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