Pancake! With this word we are already certain to attract your attention! And if we said: “pancakes the perfect recipe exists”!? In reality there are many, because to make the famous American pancakes, i pancakes with maple syrup, there are several techniques. The important thing is to achieve a super fluffy result, soft and fragrant pancakes. Clearly there are many variants to the classic pancakes: i yogurt pancakesthose without eggsi yeast-free pancakes (which is usually used to make them very soft) and even i fluffy pancakes which are real clouds of sweetness! Here are a few simple tips and all the ideas to make breakfast always different, but equally sweet! Here are all our tips for getting very fluffy pancakes and the mistakes not to be made!

The pan

To make perfect pancakes, whether they are the classic ones, with cocoa and more so pancakes without butter as there are no fats that facilitate cooking, it is important that the non-stick pan is very hot and sprinkled with very little oil, buttered, greased with a light layer of coconut oil or seed oil. There shouldn’t be too much oil otherwise they will fry, the pan just needs to be slightly dirty and we can remove the excess with a paper towel. We can pour a drop of dough and see if it sets immediately: if it happens, the pan is ready to welcome our first pancake. During cooking, the fire should be kept medium-low. Our pancakes should cook gently, usually 2-3 minutes on one side and 1-2 minutes on the other. In any case, the perfect time to flip the pancakes is when you see the first bubbles appear on the surface!

Separate the yolks from the whites

One of the most used techniques to make pancakes very soft is to divide the yolks from the whites, whipping the latter until stiff, or making sure that by working them with electric whisks they become white and frothy. They must then be added delicately to the rest of the mixture and the air contained in the whipped egg whites will favor an excellent result! We therefore advise you to do it when you are not in a hurry, perhaps on a Sunday morning for your home brunch! We have experimented this technique on the very greedy coffee pancakes!

Add the powders

One of the tricks why pancakes, simple or with Nutella are very soft is to prevent the gluten mesh from developing, which could cause a gummy effect. How to avoid this? Very simple: once you have poured the flour into the liquid egg mixture, you won’t have to mix much. We advise you, as in the case of cottage cheese pancakes for example, to mix a few moments with a hand whisk or a marisa (better still). Will the dough be lumpy? Yes, but in this case it will not be a mistake. Just let it rest for 10 minutes and you will see that the batter will be more homogeneous and ready to be cooked, creating pancakes with extraordinary softness!

How long do pancakes keep?

The pancake dough, like that of the crepes, can be prepared in advance and placed in the fridge, but we recommend doing so only if you have not whipped the egg whites, in an airtight container, for no more than 12 hours. But when the pancakes are ready, how can we store them before serving since it takes time to cook 1 or 2 at a time? It’s very simple: instead of stacking them, as happens with crepes, I’ll just arrange them on a rather large plate so that they don’t overlap, so they stay high and soft! If they have leftovers, which is very difficult, they can be kept in the fridge covered with plastic wrap for 1-2 days and then slightly heated in the microwave before serving!

Now you just have to discover them all!


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