Pancakes are among the carnival recipes most loved and popular! Call too damselfish, tortelli or zeppole depending on the region of origin, they can be simple or stuffed with various ingredients, such as le stuffed chestnuts of custard. Even the dough can be diversified to create mouth-watering variations as is the case for the chocolate chestnuts or the cottage cheese pancakesincredibly soft and tasty, ideal to enrich with juicy pieces of fruit!

In addition to Carnival sweets more classic and widespread we can also find less known but equally delicious regional specialties, which are prepared on the occasion of this playful festivity: starting from Sicily with its Pantelleria kisses they sicilian sfincipassing through the Marches with the Carnival arancini, up to the typical ones South Tyrolean pancakes… a journey dedicated to the taste and traditions of our gastronomic culture!

For the most nostalgic of you, however, we offer desserts inextricably linked to childhood memories: le Funfair pancakesinevitable at every self-respecting village festival together with donuts, and the apple frittersa genuine and timeless snack.

Are you spoiled for choice? Then you just have to taste them all to decide which Carnival pancakes to prepare and share with your friends and family!


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