Steam cooking

In our kitchen we do not have one splash cap Nor to prevent the water from escaping when it boils, when we cook something that is going to splash and we want to avoid it, we place a conventional lid without fitting it, allowing the steam to escape. And if we want prevent water overflow or a boiling liquid, we use the trick of placing a wooden spoon that works very well.

This trick we show you in this postand there is also another one that works and that has even been seen on TV, which consists of greasing the inside edge of the pot with oil or butter, so that fat slows down the liquid and prevents it from leaking out. In any case, there are anti-splash covers that can be interesting because in addition to these two functions, they have a third.

And they can be used for steam cooking vegetables, vegetables, fish and seafood or… well, whatever everyone wants to cook, although it is not to make food for a large family due to capacity, you can see it in the photos. In any case, we are talking about a multifunction cap which is made of silicone and can be found in the catalog of different manufacturers.


One who gives us confidence is Gefu, and the silicone splash cap This German brand is called Bolla, it can be used in pots and pans with a diameter of 19-28 centimeters, and it can also be used in the microwave, it resists up to 230º C in temperature. Needless to say, it can be washed without problems in the dishwasher.

Regarding its price, this Gefu lid, which has a five-year warranty, is in your page for 19.95 euros, so if you are interested and want to look for it in a store in our country, you already know what its price is. As it is a recent launch in this manufacturer’s catalog, we have not yet found it on Amazon or other online stores, but we do not think it will be long.

Anyway, on Amazon we have seen a anti-splatter, anti-overflow and steam cooking lid With a practically the same design, the interesting thing would be to know if the quality of the silicone is also the same. But it doesn’t look bad, it’s also from a German company (Netrox, but we don’t know it) and it has good ratings.


This cap It is a little smaller than Gefu’s, specifically it is for containers between 15 and 25 centimeters in diameter, and also Resists heat up to 230º C. It must be said that its price is a little higher, since it is currently for just over 24 euros, without shipping costs for Prime users.

And if you like to add more color to your kitchen, remember that there are other models of this type of kitchen utensils, they have been around for a few years now. we show you this cover Vapo Twist silicone, anti-splash, anti-spill and for steam cooking, and is from the Silikomart brand, which also offers guarantees, whose price is around 25 euros.


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