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Holding a wine glass by the stem can help you enjoy the drink for several reasons, although the main one and the one best known by most is because if the cup is held by the body or chalice, the heat of the hand causes the cup to also heat up. Cup and consequently, the wine is heated.

And we already know the importance of drinking drinks at the right temperature, and we generalize by saying drinks because it does not only happen with wine, although there are many that, obviously, can be drunk hot, at room temperature or cold. But we are talking about wine and we are going to share with you the Eight reasons to hold your wine glass by the stem and not by the body.

If you know any more reasons, it will be well received because we all like to know more. And if you feel like it, whether you are occasional or regular consumers of cametell us if you normally take the Cup by the stem knowing that holding it by the body heats the drink.

Well you already know, hold the wine glass by the stem with your fingertips is not simply a matter of etiquette, it can also significantly improve the tasting experience for the following reasons:

How to catch the cup

1. Holding the glass by the stem helps avoid heating the wine with the warmth of your hands. This is important for all types of wines, since the temperature at which this drink is taken influences both its aroma and its flavor.

2. Holding the glass by its stem also allows for better display of wine colorespecially to those who like to appreciate it, since the visual detail provides clues about its characteristics and quality.

3. When holding the cup Through the stem we can move it easily, comfortably and smoothly to facilitate wine aeration. It’s not posturing, doing so can release aromas and improve the tasting experience.

4. By holding the glass by the stem we do not leave fingerprints on the body of the glass, a small detail, but it can negatively affect visual presentation Of the wine.

5. Let the hand hold the wine glass by the stem and as far as possible from the edge of the body, where it is drunk, reduces odor transfer body products or products such as perfumes, which could interfere with the appreciation of the wine’s aromas.

6. Stability is gained by holding the glass by the stem instead of by the body, especially if we are in an environment where the table may be unstable, and it also helps to prevent accidental spills of wine.

7. There are those who consider that holding the glass by the stem is a sign of respect towards wine and towards the host or the winery that provided it, it adds value to the product being tasted, in addition to showing a certain level of refinement.

8. When you get used to holding the wine glass by the stem, you end up realizing that it’s much more comfortable You have to hold it by your body, especially when you have to hold it in your hand for long periods of time, when you enjoy a cocktail standing up, when you taste several wines in a tasting…

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