As you have certainly also been able to read, a Excessive sugar consumption is associated with several health problems. We are talking about obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancer. Reducing your sugar intake can help maintain a healthy weight and prevent these problems.

But it’s not easy because you can be “addicted to sugar”. If you consume more than 50 g of sugar per day, it can even be called an addiction. The safe dose recommended by the WHO is 25 to 30 g per day. According to ANSES, the French in would consumen average 100 g (numbers of 2018). We still have work to do 😀 /

But don’t go cutting it out either, sugar is also useful for making our body function. Like always, it’s excess that’s not good.

What is sugar

It is a carbohydrate, sucrose, composed of one fructose molecule and one glucose molecule. Her glycemic index is high. This means that it is absorbed very quickly by the body and quickly raises blood sugar levels. But in colloquial language we also call sugar other carbohydrates: those contained in fruits (fructose), in milk (lactose) and in cereals (starch).

Why keep it simple when you can make it complicated, I ask you?

It is the real sugar, namely sucrose, which is harmful when consumed in excess.

Why do we consume too much sugar?

Well because it’s good 😀 . It provides pleasure and as the late nutritionist Paule Neyrat said:

When you eat it, a whole reward system, of well-being, is set in motion in your brain as soon as your taste buds detect its flavor. And of course, you want to rediscover this pleasure as often as possible!

If you always have a cake in your bag, candy in your cupboard, if you are more of a main course + dessert than a starter + main course, if you are a soda consumer then it is possible that you are addicted to sugar. In this case, do not try to suddenly eliminate it, you risk being deficient, but try to reduce it little by little.

How to reduce my sugar intake

  • Drink water to the place for sodas.
  • If you crave sweets, choose instead dark chocolate just candy. I like to snack a chunk or chocolate chips when I’m craving something sweet. It helps me.
Chunks vs chocolate chips

Chunks vs chocolate chips

  • Try to eliminate or reduce it in your coffee or tea. Personally, I haven’t sweetened it for years. This is easily done.
  • Get rid of sugar in products from the food industry. It is also found under the name glucose, dextrose, glucose-fructose syrup, lactose, malto-dextrose etc.). And it’s not just in cakes or sweet products, it’s also in savory products. Read the ingredient lists. And be careful, in certain products (breakfast cereals for example), there are enormous quantities of it. Instead, do your home made granola-bars if you can’t live without it (it’s still sweet).
Homemade chocolate granola

Homemade chocolate granola

  • Cook. This will allow you to better manage quantities.
  • Opt for whole, unprocessed foods rather than processed, prepackaged products.
  • Limit bread, pasta, all ingredients containing flour. Limit consumption potatoes. This is where I have difficulties, I love bread and pasta 😀
  • Eat whole fruits rather than fruit juices.

In short, just common sense 😀.

What about sweeteners?

I advise against them. These products are not harmless. The press was still talking about it recently (aspartame is said to be carcinogenic). And it won’t make you taste sugar. On the other hand, perhaps use honey (which contains less carbohydrates than white sugar and more nutrients). Be careful, its sweetening power being greater than sugar, you will need to use less.

To help you, I am providing you with the link to a table with the glycemic index of foods.

Good luck !


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