Chocolate 72% with almonds

According to AESAN (Spanish Food Safety Agency), the health authorities of the Valencian Community have notified an alert through the Coordinated System for Rapid Information Exchange (SCIRI), regarding the presence of a foreign body in a chocolate bar.

It is a product that sells Mercadonahe 72% dark chocolate with almonds Of the brand Farmer. Needless to say, the chocolate bars with these characteristics have only been distributed in the Valencian chain’s stores, but it is not specified whether the affected batch, about which we will now give you information, has been distributed throughout the country.

The AESAN also indicates that the alert has been notified through the European Food Alert Network (RASFF), but we have accessed the page and have not seen it. It is also interesting to note that the AESAN published the food alert for dark chocolate with almonds from Mercadona this Friday at the last minute, but in your note it appears as the date and time of the communication, April 3, 2024 at 3:00 p.m. It doesn’t seem like such a fast system to us…

The Spanish Food Safety Agency explains that the distribution company has withdrawn the chocolate bars from the affected lot from points of sale and asks consumers who have been able to purchase one of these tablets, to Do not consume it due to the possible presence of a foreign body.. What type of foreign body? They don’t inform.

Anyway, the affected batch is the following, if you have this product in your pantry, go check if it belongs to this batch:

Product name: 72% dark chocolate with almonds


Best before date: 05/2025

Lot: I23325M1

Unit weight: 200g

Room temperature

Food safety experts say that if so many product recall alerts arise from marketing channels, it is because controls, detection and communication system work. This may make us think that, if there were not so many alerts before, would it be because there was not as much control and they reached consumers? more products with various risks?

Furthermore, according to the note published by the supermarket chain For customers who regularly consult its website (because if not, they will not see it), Mercadona has been informed by the competent authorities of the possible presence of visible plastic remains on a tablet, and that it has been the supermarket chain itself which has informed the supplierwhich is the Portuguese company Imperial.

So where is the food safety control? In the consumer who has found that plastic in the chocolate he has bought in the supermarket? We transcribe the note from Mercadona and tell us what you think:

Food alert: Chocolate

Information Lot I23325M1 with best before date 05/2025 of 72% Dark Chocolate with Almonds manufactured by Imperial

April 12, 2024

Mercadona, after being informed by the competent authorities of the possible presence of visible plastic remains in a unit of Lot I23325M1 with best before date 05/2025 of 72% Dark Chocolate with Almonds, has proceeded to inform the supplier Imperial, responsible for the production of this product, of this possible quality defect.

Mercadona, applying the precautionary principle, informs customers who have purchased the aforementioned batch of this product in its establishments in Spain, that, if they so wish, they can return it to their nearest store where the amount will be refunded.

Both Mercadona and the supplier Imperial apologize to all customers for the inconvenience caused.


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