hazelnut and oatmeal vegetable drink

The vegetable oat drink It is one of our favorites and it is surely the one we have made on the most occasions, although we do not consume it daily, we do like to make it from time to time, although currently we do not add sugar or the ingredients that we show you in the recipe that we share with you in this post from 2008when there was still not so much problem in calling vegetable drinks milk.

The point is that we like drinks with nuts much more now, and our favorite is hazelnut. Combining these two favorites we prepare our hazelnut and oatmeal vegetable drink It is luxurious and we would love for you to try it, because it will surely surprise you.

If you normally consume this type of vegetable drinksyou surely know that in supermarkets we normally find the drink hazelnuts combined with rice, and of course it is delicious, but try making it at home and with oats, because it will conquer you.

And above all, do not throw away okarathe solid part that remains after extracting the liquid part of the preparation, because it is excellent for make cookies, cake, bread or even some pancakes for breakfast. If you want us to give you ideas for using the okara of your vegetable drinks, you already know that you just have to say it.


  • 1 liter of water
  • 125 grams of hazelnuts
  • 125 grams of oat flakes.


Put the water in a container and add the skinned hazelnuts and oat flakes. Leave in soaking for a minimum of twelve hours.

hazelnut and oatmeal vegetable drink

After this time, crushes to extract the maximum of the solid ingredients and then let it rest for three or four minutes. Pass the result through a sieve or strainer with a cotton cloth or gauze so that filter well only the liquid.

Press the pulp very well resulting to get the most out of the drink. We have prepared it with this simple set to make vegetable drinks from Lékuébut we have made double the amount and we have had to make it several times because the containers are not too big.

Once you have obtained the vegetable drink, transfer it to a bottle that you can close and keep it in the refrigeratoryou already know that these preparations should not be kept for more than two days, in any case, it won’t hurt to label the bottle with the date of preparation and its contents.

Refering to okarakeep it in a container and also in the refrigerator, and if not you are going to use it up right away you can freeze it to make a recipe with it another time.


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