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The Spanish Association of Wine Cities (ACEVIN) has announced the call for the Wine Tourism Awards ‘Spanish Wine Routes’ 2024is the seventh edition of this biennial event that recognizes and values ​​the commitment to a type of specialized tourism, in which the tradition and wine culture of our country act as dynamizers of the rural environment.

It was in 2011 when these awards were created when it was confirmed that tourism linked to the world of wine in Spain was growing quantitatively and qualitatively, so it was necessary to encourage all the agents involved in it, and a good way is to recognize the effort made. and continuing with development and enrichment of the wine tourism offer throughout the Spanish geography.

The Wine Tourism Awards ‘Wine Routes of Spain’ 2024 comprise 14 categories, 13 concurrent and one meritorious, you can see them all below. Afterwards you will be able to access the contest rules in which you will be able to learn more details, such as the criteria that the jury will evaluate to choose the winners.

It is important to note that the call is open to all establishments, services and institutions that are part of the Spanish Wine Routes Product Cluband that the deadline to submit applications is until July 5, 2024. To know the winners we will have to wait until the end of the year, since it will be November 15 when a public event will be held to present the VII Awards of Wine Tourism Spanish Wine Routes.

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Best Wine Tourism Initiative Award: A wine tourism initiative will be understood as any singular proposal (event, program, performance, tourist product or experience…) carried out by a Spanish Wine Route, which promotes the tourist development of its territory by promoting the culture of wine and other resources. of the territory (natural, cultural, gastronomic,…), under criteria of quality and tourism sustainability.

Best Promotion Campaign Award: Promotional action will be understood as any action or set of actions aimed at communicating, promoting and marketing the wine tourism of a wine route, contributing to the positioning of the destination and the improvement of its results.

Sustainable and Responsible Wine Tourism Destination Award: A sustainable wine tourism destination will be considered anyone that, through specific plans, programs and actions, actively, decisively and responsibly contributes to the improvement of its landscape, social, economic and environmental environment, protecting its resources and identity values ​​and allowing its enjoyment by part of present and future generations.

Best Wine Tourism Municipality Award: A wine tourism municipality is considered any municipality integrated into a Spanish Wine Route (member or not of ACEVIN) with a great culture and economy linked to the world of wine, which carries out work to promote wine tourism, through planning actions. , product creation, information, promotion, also cooperating with the route to which it belongs and other municipalities in its immediate surroundings.


Best Winery Open to Tourism Award: Wine establishment that has opened its doors to the public, offering quality tourist visits or other activities for the enjoyment and satisfaction of tourists and the dissemination of wine culture.

Best Wine Tourism Accommodation Award: Hotel establishment, rural or any other type, that offers extensive information and activities related to the world of wine, promoting its culture and contributing to the development of the wine-growing territory.

Award for the Best Gastronomic Offer: Restaurant establishment that has authentic and quality gastronomic offerings, in which it integrates and promotes local products from the territory, DO wines and gastronomic culture. Likewise, it carries out actions and/or organizes activities to energize and promote food and wine culture.

Best Wine Tourism Establishment Award: Tourist company or service, public or private, that offers activities and services related to wine tourism, promotes wine culture and contributes to the development of quality wine tourism in its field of action.

Best Wine Tourist Corner or Space Award: Wine tourism corner or landscape will be understood as any place or space, interior or exterior, natural or created by man, linked to an establishment integrated into a Spanish Wine Route, which, due to its extraordinary character, constitutes a tourist attraction of great relevance. It may be a viewpoint, an enclave of a winery, the winery or another establishment as a whole, a barrel room or any other space that has great appeal (landscape, architecture, environment,…).

Best Wine Tourism Experience Award: Wine tourism experience will be understood as any singular and innovative proposal (visit, activity, game, stay, event,…) carried out by an establishment or service of any type integrated into a Spanish Wine Route, which constitutes an experiential offer. and experiential for the visitor, through the promotion of wine culture and other resources (wine and nature, wine and art, wine and gastronomy, wine and architecture, etc.), and under criteria of quality and tourism sustainability.

Commitment to Sustainability Award : Commitment to society and the environment will be understood as the set of actions developed by an establishment or service member of a Spanish Wine Route that actively and voluntarily contributes to the improvement of its social, economic and environmental environment.

Impulse of Inclusive Wine Tourism Award: Initiative promoted and carried out by a specific establishment, service and/or company member of a Spanish Wine Route in order to improve its accessibility. Accessibility in wine tourism is understood as the set of initiatives, programs, projects and actions developed so that the company’s wine tourism proposals can be enjoyed by anyone, with or without disabilities.

Protection and Enhancement of Heritage Award: It will recognize the actions carried out by tourism or wine tourism companies and establishments aimed at the protection, conservation, and recovery of heritage (cultural, natural, industrial, wine, intangible…) for its tourist use.

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Wine Tourism Merit Award: Any natural person involved in wine tourism, whose career stands out for its visionary nature, involvement, commitment, leadership and other values ​​that have contributed to the development of wine tourism in Spain or on any of the routes that are part of the Routes Product Club. of the Wine of Spain.

For access the bases complete of the Wine Tourism Awards ‘Spanish Wine Routes’ 2024 you can click here (PDF)and on the official website of the call you can enter the registration form, in addition to being able to access any information related to the contest or previous editions of these awards. If you want to see who were the winners in the 2022 edition, you can see them here.

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