Agreement between Carrefour and Pepsico

In it month of January we were talking about Carrefour and his decision to not selling PepsiCo products due to a price increase that were considered unacceptable and that were not in line with the commitment to reduce prices of the multinational distribution chain. At that time we were talking about hypocrisy, since this chain had no scruples when it came to raising the price of basic foods on several occasions without VAT or with the tax.

Now, about three months later, Carrefour once again sells PepsiCo products thanks to an alleged agreement that benefits the chain’s customers, an assertion that may be difficult for more than one consumer to believe. When it comes to pricing and other economic issues, distribution chains work by and for them, and their operations often reflect the balance of power that develops between distributors and manufacturers.

Negotiations are carried out annually to determine the conditions of sale, such as the purchase price of the products, the place they will occupy on the shelves, the introduction of special promotions, etc. But, it is probably left out of the equation or at least it will remain in a relegated place, looking for formulas to favor the interests of consumers.

The fact is that PepsiCo products, Cheetos, Doritos, Lays crisps, drinks like Pepsi, 7up or Lipton, etc. are once again present on the Carrefour shelves in France, Belgium, Italy and Spain. Although the news was officially known this week, last week the agreement was already dropped by the general director of Carrefour France in the social network “X”where he appeared holding a bottle of Pepsi and sending an unequivocal message: “It’s a pleasure to see friends we haven’t seen in a while.”

About the agreement, Neither party has explained how the resolution was reached.only a spokesperson for PepsiCo France has stated that there is great satisfaction at having reached the agreement and that, once again, PepsiCo products are on supermarket shelves for consumers to enjoy and at reasonable prices.

Although the inflation and the cost of living have been a topic of global concern In recent times, few countries have implemented real actions to help consumers. Let us remember that various initiatives have been launched in the French country, such as the prohibition by law of redflationa practice in which the food industry reduces the quantity of a product, but maintains its price and without properly informing consumers.

You can find out more details about the news through this article from BFM, where we can read that, according to Carrefour, the exclusion of PepsiCo products did not have any economic impact because they continued to be marketed thanks to stored stocks.

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