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Barcelona It is the city of cocktail bars, pizzerias, hamburgers, brunches, hispter-cafés and now, ice cream parlors where new ones keep adding to the formidable ones that already exist. We are going to do our part with a project that will see the light of day in mid-June, you can link to @gelato.collection, more information soon.”

This is how he himself announced Albert Adrià his new project through social networks, and to this preview we are going to add the information we know so far, starting with his name and location. The new ice cream parlor is called Gelato Collection and will be located on Rambla de Barcelona, ​​at number 134, right next to the Turrón Museum store of which you we talk in this post.

He Enigma chef and brother of Ferran Adriafaces this new project together with the pastry chef Alfredo Machado and the general director of Torrons VicensÁngel Velasco, hence it is located next to the museum, let us remember that Albert Adrià has been collaborating with this nougat company for approximately a decade, and coincidentally, both had the idea of ​​opening an ice cream parlor in the Catalan capital.

For Albert Adrià it is a new challenge because, although he has worked in the ice cream world since desserts in restaurantshas not done it like business model. Needless to say, success is assured, the names, the know-how of the internationally recognized dessert (and non-dessert) chef, the experience, the location… all are plus points.


The new one Gelato Collection ice cream parlor will offer a range of traditional and creative ice creams, it is known that they are creating four families of ice creams, the Classics: strawberry, chocolate, vanilla and others; the Seasonal: with seasonal fruits and vegetables; the From author: chef creations; and Adults: Ice creams inspired by the world of cocktails.

As shown on the Instagram profile of the Albert Adrià’s new ice cream parlor and their allies, are reviewing all the ice cream tests that they are going to make these ‘two months, hard and pleasant work’, they are making about 20 ice creams per week, testing alternative ingredients, evaluating their quality, rounding out textures… If you want see and follow them, you can click here @gelato.collection.


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