Today we are going to know the assessment that a master pastry chef makes about eight brands of fresh supermarket puff pastrywe find it interesting to share it with you because it is one of those doughs that we all like, but that is very laborious to make it at home (you have to at least make it sometimes anyway), and in the warmer months it is practically impossible, because keeping the butter cold during the process Making puff pastry is quite a challenge.

Below these lines you will be able to see the blind tasting that it proposes Mikel Iturriaga from El Comidista, to the pastry chef Mar Ibáñez, are the puff pastry doughs Buitoni, Lidl, Day, Farmer, Aldi, Eroski, El Corte Inglés, Carrefour. And, by the way, the results are very different from those provided by the OCU at the time in one of its comparative analyses, which put the last one here in first place.

Mar Ibáñez is a pastry chefafter training at the Barcelona Higher School of Hospitality, he passed through the Hofmann Pastry workshops, the Celler de Can Roca*** restaurant, the Roca brothers’ Hotel Casa Cacao and the Barcelona restaurant Hisop*, where she has served as pastry chef.

It should also be noted that this young pastry chef has already won one of the most prestigious sweet cuisine awards, The Best Dessert 2023, competition organized by the Espaisucre school-restaurant. Stay tuned for Mar Ibáñez’s tasting of fresh puff pastries because he has the necessary knowledge to evaluate them, and it is appreciated that he gives the most sincere opinion about them.

Furthermore, you will see that it coincides with many of you, since the puff pastry that is most valued is the one that, surely, many of you use, just like us. We are not going to give spoilers, but it is a puff pastry that has won over the market by word of mouth and because it is far superior to others.

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Below these lines we leave you the ranking of Mar Ibáñez puff pastries, being the first the most expensive and the worst qualityand the last one is the best, as well as the most economical along with two other brands.

Buitoni puff pastry (without butter) 8.65 euros/kilo Score: 1

Eroski puff pastry (without butter) 6.15 euros/kilo Score: 1

Day Puff Pastry (without butter) 5.17 euros/kilo Score: 2

Mercadona Farmed Puff Pastry (with butter) 5.38 euros/kilo Score: 4

Aldi puff pastry (with butter) 5.17 euros/kilo Score: 5

El Corte Inglés puff pastry (without butter) 5.43 euros/kilo Score: 5

Carrefour puff pastry (with butter) 5.39 euros/kilo Score: 5

Puff pastry Chef Select Lidl (with butter) 5.17 euros/kilo Score: 7

Aside from the flavor, we have already seen that there are puff pastries with a few layers and there are also puff pastries without layers, so there really isn’t any good supermarket puff pastrybut it can be considered acceptableat least one of them as we have already seen.

For choose a good supermarket puff pastrythe main thing is that the fat in it is butterthen it is advisable to check that it has few additives, because you practically don’t need them. For the rest, puff pastry is made with flour, water, salt, perhaps sugar and butter, the higher quality the ingredients, the better the puff pastry will be in terms of flavor, and if the folds have been done properly, the puff pastry will rise well.

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