Saint Emilion

Saint Emilion

Hello Hello,

A photo of Saint Emilion today to illustrate the new menu of the week. It must be said that I was there last night for a wonderful dinner with Yannick Alleno to thePavia Hotel. I was absolutely TELLED by this meal which I will tell you about quickly. It was just incredible, I still have glitter in my eyes.

In a completely different genre, I discovered that there were professional eaters (this is what is marked on the Instagram bio of Leah Shutkever). Don’t think she’s a food critic. No no no. But she broke the world record for the largest quantity of nuggets swallowed in one minute (352 g).


There video is scary it seems like she doesn’t chew and swallows whole. Don’t ask me how I came across this, I forgot. But people are completely crazy. #pardon. I don’t recommend you watch it, you would waste 1 minute of your available brain time 😀. Instead, keep this one to discover the new menu of the week.

Much more useful, I say that, I say nothing 😀


Enjoy these chicken cutlets flavored with rum and vanilla. A delight!

Vanilla rum chicken cutlets

Rum vanilla chicken cutlets


Today I offer you a vegetarian recipe from roasted cauliflower and Brussels sprouts with almonds and cranberries

Oven-roasted cauliflower and Brussels sprouts, almonds and cranberries

Oven-roasted cauliflower and Brussels sprouts, almonds and cranberries


Do not hesitate to prepare this super soft cake with almond powder, praline icing with the children. It’s a delight !

Yogurt cake - praline almonds

Yogurt cake – almond praline


This meat pie like in Australia (Aussie meat pie) takes you on a journey through the plate. Don’t hesitate to prepare it.

Meat pie

Meat pie


This spinach, trout and smoked trout quiche is perfect for an evening meal.

Spinach Quiche Smoked Trout

Spinach quiche smoked trout


Spring is coming, don’t hesitate to prepare this vegetable gardener with the first peas.

Vegetable gardener

Vegetable gardener


I suggest you end the week with this delicious oven-roasted filet mignon with thyme, garlic and olive oil

Baked filet mignon

Baked filet mignon

Bon appetit, have a good week!


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