Water as an ingredient

Angel Lion He thought that water should be considered as an ingredient. And many of you will think that this is something new, if we have been cooking with water all our lives. Yes that’s how it is, Water It is essential, but we do not give it the true value it has. Human beings are ungrateful like that, while there is abundance, there is no appreciation, we only value things when we lack them or lose them.

And in that situation we find ourselves, there is lack of water (that the rains of this Holy Week do not solve the problem) to such an extent that some Autonomous Communities have had to resort to cuts. Have we learned not to waste it? We believe no, that where there are no cuts, there are no limits on use, and use is not always related to profit, to responsible consumption.

The fact is that the Sea Chefhe chef who has reminded us so many times that approximately 70% of the surface of planet Earth is salt water, delving into his reflections and research on water, presented a few months ago new resources that will encourage water to be considered as an ingredient and, above all, that it be valued as it deserves.

One of the additions of the Aponiente restaurant is the application of a technology with which they make sea water free of pathogens. They do it through nanotechnologythe system is installed at the water inlet and with it incorporates nanobubblesare so small that they do not rise to the surface, they remain inside the water, fulfilling their function antibacterial, antimicrobial and disinfectantallowing you to use that salt water.

Desalinate water

Since most of the products cooked in Aponiente come from the sea, this clean salt water is suitable for washing, making brines, etc. But, of course, they also need fresh water and want to do their part by converting salt water into fresh water and thus become self-sufficient. They desalinate the water and they also incorporate nanobubbles, which contain ozone, with the aim of eliminating certain chemicals.

Ángel León explained that his restaurant in El Puerto de Santa María is already supplied almost entirely with sunlight, and now it will stop consuming fresh water because it has the technology to obtain it from the sea, so Aponiente will function as a halophilic plant, a plant species that lives in saline ecosystems. The Cádiz chef also hopes that this development inspires other hoteliers who have the restaurant by the sea.

And getting into the matter of restoration, he explained that the next season of Aponiente will be inspired by the states of water. Let us remember that he already showed us how he converted water into salt. Well, this year it will show how to convert water into ice at the same speed, in seconds. How do you get it? Put the salt water at 1º C and immerse the product, for example, an oyster, at the same temperature. When removing the oyster from the water, appears frosty.

Water textures

These are sensational concepts, right? But it doesn’t all end there, says Ángel León that this year in Aponiente you can eat the sea breeze. And among other things, he will show his guests how to change the shapes of water. To do this, a machine comes into play that they discovered in India, which they later found to be more developed in China, but not enough. That machine was used to make frozen things and syrups, among other things.

And Ángel León has brought it to Spain in collaboration with Klimerthe reference company in comprehensive solutions hospitality and fine diningand with the name Fantasy Ice They have launched a new device with which you can transform any liquid into frost, snow or very thin frozen strips. This new machine that is for sale in the store on-line by Klimer, is aimed at haute cuisine, restaurants, catering, ice cream parlours, cocktail bars…

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On these lines you can see a video in which Ángel León and David Ramos Explain how Fantasy Ice works, and as examples, Chef del Mar shows the squid milk with which he makes a ‘sheet’ or ‘handkerchief’ that then melts in the mouth. With an oyster emulsion passed through this machine he makes a kind of angel hair, and it is also capable of making a super fine powder, the finest snow that can be made in the kitchen.

Soft drinks, infusions, broths and even alcoholic beverages freeze, since the machine freezes at -40º C. If you want to know more details about the Fantasy Ice, of which there are limited units and has a price of more than 3,000 euros, you can access the website of its distributor, Klimer, clicking here.

Angel Lion

You want Aponiente, right?

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