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As soften butter quickly It has been and is one of the cooking tricks that we have all searched for on occasion, and we have been able to obtain different results, in fact, at Gastronomía y Cía you have been able to discover several of them that we have been sharing with you, for example, in this post with the title ‘Soften butter quickly’.

When a recipe requires the use of butter in ointment either softened butter, the ideal is to leave it out of the refrigerator, at room temperature, for a while beforehand. Of course, for this you have to plan for culinary preparation or, if not, have time when the decision to make the recipe is made, so that it softens before using it.

But we already know how we work, always complaining of lack of time and wanting things for yesterday, so it is very common to have to resort to tricks to soften butter in the shortest possible time. And what is the fastest system? Well, use the microwave, but as we already mentioned at the time, it is not the most appropriate because it is easy to exceed the time-temperature and the butter ends up being liquid.


AND When a recipe calls for creamed butter, melted butter does not work.. So, if when we wanted to soften butter it melted, even partially, How can we fix it? Well the solution is easier than it seems, you have to start over with another portion of butterin addition to being advisable to use another method so that it does not happen again, such as grating it, hitting it, cover it with a hot container…

Is better take a new portion of butter You have to try to cool the one that has been melted so that it solidifies and use it, because it no longer has the same structure. When the butter melts, the water, which is heavier, stays at the bottom. And we already know that fat and water They don’t mix easily, so when it solidifies, there will always be some water that has separated from the fat.

Needless to say, you don’t have to throw away the melted butterit simply put back in the refrigerator to use it later in any other culinary preparation or simply to spread it on breakfast toast.

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